Friday, December 19, 2014

Whisky - my first doggy friend!

About 22 years ago, my father was posted to Pune, Maharashtra. I had very few friends in our campus, and was more or less a loner. And then I found Whisky, aka Whiskers, an adorable cocker spaniel belonging to our neighbors.

She had the most beautiful, melting eyes. Every evening her owners would often tie her to a pillar in their verandah. I would peep around the corner and make a little sound - and Whisky would jump to her feet, wagging her entire body! I would then take her out for a walk.

Once when her owners were away on a holiday, they had left Whisky care of me for thirteen whole days. I remember feeding her with my hand initially, since she was missing her family. After her walks I would brush her coat till it shone. I would even smuggle her into my bed, much to my parents' consternation! I was in tears when I had to return her to her owners.

Whisky was my first doggy friend. She taught me what it was to care and love unconditionally. We were together for barely two years, after which her family moved out. But I still remember her eyes, and treasure her memories!

This embroidery is dedicated to her.

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