Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pink Frangipani

Delicately scented and pretty colours - whats not to love in a frangpani? Most homes in the armed forces have huge gardens and you'll most like find this beautful tree in one corner. I've spent many a hot suumer day hanging about in its cool shade, reading, or just day-dreaming. Embroidering it, was hence, filled with many childhood reminisces! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

The early morning bird

One of my most enduring childhood memories is watching the little Indian sparrow flitting about busily. They often spend much time hopping about on the ground, pecking, perhaps examining anything that even remotely resembles their food. Although one rarely finds them in cities these days, it is a pleasure to spot them in the outskirts, as industrious as ever.

Their attitude is much what I emulate - travelling, studying topics of interest, anything that can inspire my next creation. Which is why, when I decided to embroider a bird, it had to be the common (or not so common anymore) sparrow!